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Data Sheets

# Title Size Download
Insertion Flowmeters Data Sheet 399.56 KB Download
Large Capacity Flowmeters Data Sheet 496.58 KB Download
Medium Capacity Flowmeters Data Sheet 564.89 KB Download
Small Capacity Flowmeters Data Sheet 603.73 KB Download
TFM Turbine Flowmeters Data Sheet 558.89 KB Download
Utility Meter Data Sheet 145.56 KB Download
Titan 800 Series Data Sheet 333.15 KB Download
Titan 800 Display Data Sheet 316.55 KB Download
Titan 900 Series Data Sheet 332.79 KB Download
Titan Atrato Brochure 724.96 KB Download
Titan FT2 Hall Effect Detection Data Sheet 362.97 KB Download
Titan FT2 Optical Detection Data Sheet 358.16 KB Download
Titan 1000 Series Data Sheet 356.28 KB Download
Titan High Pressure Oval Gear Meters Data Sheet 325.48 KB Download
Titan Oval Gear Meters Overview Data Sheet 371.25 KB Download
Trimec Multipulse Brochure 624.01 KB Download
E018 – Exd Flow Rate Indicator-Totaliser with HART 1.38 MB Download
E112 – Exd Flow Rate Indicator-Totaliser 1.39 MB Download
F018 – Flow Rate Indicator-Totaliser with HART 2.23 MB Download
F114 – Ratio Monitor-Totaliser 2.40 MB Download
F112 – Flow Rate Indicator-Totaliser 2.35 MB Download
F120 – Flow Rate Controller 2.16 MB Download
F124 – Ratio Controller 2.15 MB Download
F126-EG - Flow computer with temperature and pressure compensation for corrected gas volume 2.29 MB Download
F126-EL - Flow computer with temperature compensation for corrected liquid volume 2.22 MB Download
F127 – Fuel Consumption Flow Computer 2.33 MB Download
F130 – Two Stage Batch Controller with Pulse OP 2.26 MB Download
F131 – Two Stage Batch Controller with Pulse-Analog OP’s 2.45 MB Download
F132 – Two Stage Batch Controller with Printer Driver 2.36 MB Download
F133 – Delivery Controller 2.38 MB Download
Ap1300 Thermal Portable Printer 914.31 KB Download
Ap1400 Thermal Portable Printer 188.16 KB Download
Ap1310 Thermal Portable Printer 859.84 KB Download
Y-Type Strainers Data Sheet 206.53 KB Download
Basket-Type Strainers Data Sheet 154.60 KB Download
Medium Capacity Chemical Flowmeters Data Sheet 422.65 KB Download
AIM Block (Additive Injection Manifold) Data Sheet 490.55 KB Download
AIS - Additive Injection System 267.17 KB Download
EZ-Mag 796.23 KB Download
PA Turbine Flowmeter Range 869.30 KB Download
ECM-Series Engine Consumption Manifold 323.06 KB Download
RT14 Flow Rate Totaliser 238.06 KB Download
Electro Magnetic Flowmeter BMAG100 1.06 MB Download
EGM-Series Electronic Flowmeters 376.05 KB Download
TWM Wafer Turbine Flowmeters 621.14 KB Download
Turbine Flowmeters (TFM) - Operation Manual 1.50 MB Download